Ag Genetics

MDM, Application Management 

Project Summary

In 2018, Ag Genetics approached CatchMark Technologies (CMT) about developing a new application to track and inventory cow embryos for breeding dairy cows. A development team was assembled and CMT was tasked with researching and developing the method to deploy the new application in the field for testing and implementation.

The solution had to be able to remotely deploy the app and future updates and bug fixes as well as secure the devices from unintended use. CMT recommended, developed, and deployed Microsoft Intune using Azure to serve this purpose.

Devices were setup and customized using a standard created by CMT and then sent into the field for use. With the application loaded onto the devices, it eliminated the need for manual recording and importing of data through computer workstations. This allowed for real-time data collection from the field to the central office for processing. It resulted in faster and more reliable data entry.

Now with the MDM (mobile device management) solution in place, Ag Genetics can send updates and get diagnostics for the application in real-time from all devices deployed across the country. This allows us to better monitor and resolve issues with the application.

The solution will also allow for future growth of application development and deployment by being able to push new apps to the devices remotely and quickly.