Auction House 

Camera System and Computer Antivirus

Project Summary

In 2018 an Auction House approached CatchMark Technologies wanting a camera system installed. They wanted an estimate for an eight-channel system. They wanted all the possible exits viewed and recorded for theft. After the walk through we had to decide the best placement for cameras with the clearest possible view. We were able to place the cameras high enough so they could not be moved or damaged. After the install, we showed the office manager how to use the app and computer software.

We started to talk about the services that CMT handles. They asked if we would be interested in working on their computers. We were challenged with the task of getting ahold of the right people to fix or replace their computers, but still be able to use the same software. We were able to get the out of date software updated.

When we updated their computers, we noticed the antivirus was no longer active. We let them know what we discovered and gave a few selections to choose from. The Auction House chose a product that we recommended and was a fraction of the cost.

The Auction House was very happy with the products we have installed. They have asked us to investigate their other auction site and possibly install a new camera system there as well.