Baker Engineering

Application/Server Environmental Upgrade

Project Summary

In 2018 Baker Engineering, INC. approached CatchMark Technologies and requested assistance upgrading their application and server environment. Baker had an aging VM Ware environment with equipment and software that was end of life cycle/end of support and included communications, engineering, operations, and financial systems supporting roughly thirty employees.

CMT quickly assessed the situation, inventoried the environment, and developed a replacement/upgrade plan that included the migration of all data to a new virtual environment. Within the newly developed architecture CMT implemented new types of virtual computing and file storage technologies that improved backup, retention, and recovery times and lowered hardware/software support costs. In addition, the new environment provided better overall performance and significantly increased Bakers computing capacity. CMT executed the plan without any loss of data and almost zero downtime.

The new Baker environment has been operating with 99.9% uptime for almost a year and Baker was so pleased with the skill CMT brought to the project they brought the team on as their Managed Services Provider (MSP).