Bos Dairy Group

Internet, Network and Wireless Upgrade

Project Summary

In 2018 the Bos Family group of dairy farms approached CatchMark Technologies (CMT) with a request to obtain better connectivity between the three farms and more internet speed. The project would require finding Internet Service Providers in rural America that could offer better speeds, re-design of their core/wireless network, and maintaining the existing infrastructure to minimize downtime.

Bos Dairy Group already had existing wireless equipment including a 190’ tower that served three farms that stretched across three miles but it was very outdated and did not serve the requirements to keep their farms running smoothly or scalability.

CMT was able to locate a local fiber provider to meet the internet speed needs and then carefully and tactfully engineer a network/wireless plan to surpass the requirements the customer was looking for. Also, by leveraging the buying power of the combined farms the ROI was shortened and would save significant dollars in future years. CMT installed and configured the network/wireless equipment, completed the project on time and on budget and provided documentation and drawings of the entire network.

Bos Dairy Group was extremely happy with the outcome of the project and the increased speed while realizing a short ROI and significant future savings. The farms have been operating with 99.9% uptime for over 6 months and use CMT as their Managed Services Provider (MSP).