Grand Rapids based Private Equity Firm

Active Directory Domain & O365 Tenant Migration 

Project Summary

This customer was using a shared domain and tenant but over the past few years has grown and were to a point where they needed to branch off into their own Active Directory domain and Office 365 tenant.  In the summer of 2019, they contacted CatchMark to put together a plan to migrate them out of the existing space to an environment just for them.  This included user accounts, email addresses, end user computers, spam filtering and domain policies. To add more complexity to the project the new environment needed to have two domains and tenants due to business requirements.  This customer has employees spread across the US that would be impacted by this change.

CatchMark worked with the customer to gather all the requirements that included understanding the division of employees and devices for the two new environments.  One of those requirements was to start the project at noon Friday and have all systems up and running by the following Monday morning.  We coordinated resources to be available on the scheduled weekend as well as coordinated with the customer to have all devices shipped to our Grand Rapids office arriving no later than noon Friday. Internally CM collaborated and put together the project plan detailing every task, the order of those tasks, and identified the owner.   From there we put together the proposal and when the customer approved we moved forward. We leveraged Microsoft Azure services to host their domain controllers so they could be secure, be expanded easily as the customer grows and help long term by not having to purchase and upgrade physical hardware every 3-5 years.

Many hours of planning lead to a successfully executed project.  We were able to stage much of the environment in advance.  Once we received all the devices we got them online in the customers conference room, this allowed for an assembly line approach to updating the computers to the new domain.  Office 365 was configured for each, email was successfully migrated over, new mail was flowing in and out, and group policies were successfully applied all before Monday morning.  CM had prepared for staff to be onsite for the customer startup Monday morning and assisted with resolving some minor issues with profiles.  The customer was very pleased with how well the project was planned and executed.  Post migration they are now positioned where they want to be for the growth ahead in their IT space.  Any changes and improvements to their environment will only impact them and are easier to control.