A Tech Company Named After Wood!

Log BrandsBy the turn of the century lumber was a multi-million dollar industry in Michigan. Great pine groves with trees towering 175 ft. and a diameter of 8 ft. were felled by the millions. Using narrow logging roads, logs were moved to the banks of the rivers where these floating monsters would be moved to the sawmills after the spring thaw. ​

Millions of board feet of logs would cover the rivers and lakes like a blanket, with tens, if not hundreds of separate sawmills claiming ownership of portions of the haul. How in the world were they able to sort out what belonged to who and ensure that everyone received their harvest? The CATCHMARK, that's how. ​

CatchMarks or log marks, each one different for each different logging company, were affixed to the ends of the logs (similar to the cattle brands used in the West). ​ The design of a log mark might include the initials of the lumber company's owner or symbols from the logging industry or from nature. The designs were cast into the metal end of a marking hammer by a blacksmith. ​

The symbols needed to be simple, clean designs so the person who struck the log with the marking hammer could cut the design easily into each log.

Technology, like logging, can be a confusing, complex, and frustrating endeavor. Just like the sawmills of the past CatchMark Technologies wants to make technology simple and clean so that the people and businesses can easily get their product or service to their customers.

Business History

CatchMark Technologies officially began its life in 2013 but has been around for much longer. CatchMark traces its roots to the dairy industry where it served as a branch of Ag Business Solutions.

As a division of ABS the primary mission of the business was to provide tech support for a large dairy cooperative located throughout the Midwestern United States. Through sincerity, honesty, and dependability CatchMark was able to help farmers achieve their vision of providing low cost, high quality dairy products to consumers nationwide. ​

CatchMark continues to support these same customers but decided in 2013 that we wanted to share what we had learned along the way with everyone and so CatchMark Technologies was born.

The CMT team began with a staff of three and by the end of 2016 had grown to six. Our initial customer base was primarily ABS and their dairy partners but as we grew we began adding new clients from outside the group. By 2019 our client pool included a mix of agriculture, manufacturing, private equity firms, insurance, and health care.

As of 2020, we have grown to eleven full time employees with offices in Grand Rapids and Whitehall. CMT services customers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin and have expanded our service offerings beyond Tech Support and standard MSP (Managed Service Provider) options to also include Cyber Security, Web Services, and Connectivity Services.