Brent Raeth

Brent is the Managing Partner of CatchMark and has been a technologist for more than 15 years. During that time he has served in diverse leadership roles. At his core, Brent is a problem solver who chose technology because of the diverse and challenging problems it provides. He is currently a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with an emphasis in Cyber Security.
Jeff Burel

Jeff is the Directing Partner of our Technology Support Service Area. He oversees all activities from end user support to customer relationships. Jeff has over 20 years of experience in the IT field. He has held positions as help desk support, server administration, and domain administration before moving into leadership roles. He is very detailed and process driven which benefits our customers and all service areas at CatchMark. Jeff is always look for ways to improve our processes and tools to make us more efficient in servicing our customers.
Jon Meyer

Jon is the Director of Cybersecurity for CatchMark. Jon serves as the POC for CatchMark’s cybersecurity services. Jon is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over 20 years of experience in information technology. From software development to identity and access management his broad range of experience can be leveraged to help establish and mature our client’s cybersecurity programs.
Bob Yonkman

Bob is currently the Director of Web Services for CatchMark. Bob joined the team in 2018 after owning his own business for nearly 15 years. He brings over two decades of web development and customer service experience to the Web Services team.
Tim Stoudt

Tim joined us in 2020 and leads our Connectivity Services Team. He brings 25+ years of experience in this industry. His focus will be leading and growing our Connectivity Services Team. His experience in sales, customer management, budgeting, and project management will all benefit our customers.
John Goede

John is the Manager of our Technology Support Team. His functions include oversight and guiding of our tech support team and assisting with day to day issues. He has an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products such as O365, Azure, and Active Directory. He has been with us since day one and held several different positions within our tech support services area. John has great customer service skills and is always pushing himself to learn new technology. John proudly served in the US Navy.
Curtis Holden

Curtis joined the Catchmark team in 2018 as an intern. Following his internship he joined the team full time in October 2018. His ingenuity and desire to understand how things work have proven to be invaluable to our team. Curtis attended GVSU and majored in Computer Science.
Phil Oegema

Phil joined the team in 2019. He brings 10+ years of experience of customer support and troubleshooting to the team. He brings a variety of skills to the team including in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Exchange, Active Directory and office. He also has experience with Cisco phone systems. Phil is a problem solver who uses his knowledge and experience to help our team and customers.
Kara Raeth

Kara joined the CatchMark team in 2019 as a Web Developer. Since joining the team she has taken on several other roles within the company such as customer invoicing, meeting administration, and office management. She brings nearly 10 years of web development and customer service experience to the team. Kara proudly served in the US Army.
Billy Mann

Billy joined the CatchMark team in 2020 as a Media Specialist. He has over 15 years of video production experience ranging from Pre to post-production. He is well versed in Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Audition, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. As an Editing and 6k Video Shooting Specialist, he can bring your ideas to life.
Ian Zweigle

Ian joined the CatchMark team in November 2020 as a Tech Service Intern. As of 2021, Ian is now a full-time Tech Support Specialist. Ian has experience with Database Management, Website Design, and Networking. He holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from Ferris State University.
Jacob Zelasko

Jacob joined the CatchMark team in 2021 as a Tech Support Specialist. Jacob has service desk experience that includes application, hardware, and networking support. He has a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Grand Valley State University.
Conner Raeth

Conner Raeth joined CatchMark as an intern in October of 2020. He is currently enrolled at the Muskegon Career Tech Center. There he studies Internet, Network and Security Technologies. Conner is an avid problem solver and desires to grow upon the skills he already has.
Jesse King

Jesse joined CatchMark in September 2020 as a Connectivity Service Apprentice. Jesse is new to the field, but has an eagerness to learn. He has been learning things like making cables, mounting cameras, installing door lock systems and basic networking.
Amy Yonkman

Amy joined the CatchMark team in 2021 as an office assistant. She comes from a background of working in preschool classrooms, hospitality, and customer service. Amy will be helping with general office duties.
Cody Ottinger

Cody joined the CatchMark team in 2021 as a Media Specialist. He is skilled in Videography, Web Development, and Sales. Cody is currently enrolled at University of London furthering his education of Computer Science.