TGG Solutions

Digital Display

Project Summary

In 2018 TGG Solutions approached CatchMark Technologies wanting a digital display installed. They wanted this display for the ability to update their employees with current events in the company and inform them of schedules and changes. They also needed to be able to make changes to what is displayed remotely, without having to access anything onsite.

We took the project requirements and came up with a cloud-based solution that allowed for remote access and alteration of the display slides from anywhere. We worked out a hardware solution that allowed for everything to be contained and hidden behind the TVs once mounted to the wall. No wires, mounts, or computers could be seen.

TGG liked the display so much that they asked us to put one in all their locations. These displays could all show the same slides, or they could be set up to all display custom slides that were location specific. The installation of these displays has allowed the company to communicate anything they want to their employees at all locations simultaneously whether it be schedule changes/updates, company news, or simply fun and/or educational slides to lift employee morale.