TGG Solutions

Management, ITM, CCB

Project Summary

In 2019 TGG Solutions approached CatchMark Technologies and requested assistance in operating their cybersecurity program.  When viewing TGG holistically CMT was able to quickly determine that TGG needed to re-establish their entire cybersecurity program.  Working in the health insurance industry, TGG needed to be HIPAA compliant and wanted to move towards having a SOC 2 assessment performed on service areas.  CMT provided the blueprints and helped implement a working cybersecurity program, which made these goals attainable.  During this process TGG has taken on many projects, from creating a complete security awareness program to implementing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to improve its security posture.  TGG  did not have the qualified personnel to provide continuing support of the cybersecurity program.  CMT was able to step in and fill the gaps and now serves and executes the responsibilities of the below cybersecurity roles on behalf of TGG:

Cybersecurity Manager
CatchMark serves as the Cybersecurity Manager responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of (by policy, audit and executive recommendation) the enterprise IT security/compliance best practices, policies, procedures, and architecture, in support of the enterprise’s IT security and compliance requirements.

Information Technology Manager (ITM)
Is responsible for the day to day execution of policies, procedures, and practices that are carried out by the Information Technology Department.

Change Control Board Member (CCB)
Is responsible for review/approval of changes to policies, procedures, configurations and maintenance of documentation.