Viking Tool

Application/Server Environmental Upgrade 

Project Summary

In 2018 Viking Tool brought CMT in to be their Managed Services Provider (MSP). One of the first projects they asked for assistance with was resolving problems they were having around email and server performance. Viking Tool was running on-prem Microsoft Exchange for email on a virtual server. The virtual server was running in a small VMware environment that had been in place for a few years.

CMT started looking at the environment and quickly found the root cause of the email issues as well as several other concerns. These concerns as well as a proposal how to resolve them was presented to the Viking Tool Leadership Team. This included migrating email to O365, eliminating the local exchange server, building new virtual servers for applications, building a new domain controller, upgrading the domain functional level, and installing two networks attached storage (NAS) systems, a primary and a backup. The updated server environment has resolved the concerns that Viking Tool had and eliminated future issues by implementing best practices and updated operating systems. In addition, the new environment provided better overall performance and significantly less downtime. CMT executed the plan without any loss of data and almost zero downtime.

Viking Tool has been extremely satisfied with the gains from this project. They have full trust in the capabilities of the CMT Staff for all their technology needs and continue to have CMT as their MSP today.